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I'm Agnes and I'm the owner of The London Feel Good bakery.


I love to create fresh vegan food—using the finest organic and locally sourced award winning produce. Innovative tasty food made from scratch, free from refined sugar and additives. I am always developing new cakes for any occasion. I also make healthy and delicious lunches, dinners and party foods.   

Growing up, I was always concerned with what I ate, and instantly felt the difference in my health and energy levels. However, some of my close family members and friends found it harder to stick to healthy foods. Wanting to help them see that clean foods can also be very tasty has inspired me to start experimenting with healthy vegan cooking and baking. The feedback was amazing, and this hobby of mine subsequently lead to what The London Feel Good Co. is today.

With the proven facts about the benefits of wholesome eating to our health, vitality, and longevity—I can now safely say—that my foods are saving not only animal lives, but also the humans'

And that's what my mission is about—celebrating life, and feeling good along the way!

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